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APP-ifying life!

appifying life

If you can’t live without your smartphone, aren’t you living your life through an app? Every day, we are using an app for as many mundane and imaginative uses as possible. From checking the latest news updates in the morning, to booking a cab to pondering over what dress to buy next to unavoidably checking Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc., there’s app for almost everything. Continue reading

Twitter tweaking character limit: #Above140 and What it may mean

twitter-10KWith Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey back at the helm as CEO, after Dick Costolo’s controversial exit in June 2015, bold shake-ups were expected at the micro-blogging website. Faced with the challenge of stagnating growth, and infiltrating into new user groups, Twitter has been tweaking its character limit as observed in multiple instances. Continue reading

Integrated. Live. Social. The New Paradigm.

Open any TV channel or even print media today and there in the corner or splashed right across is a #Hashtag. A humble way of bucketing content and conversations in a stream, especially when there’s a 140- character or less (80 characters with a micro-link, is preferred). Continue reading

Whose content is it anyway?


A couple of months back, I participated in a twitter poll on A-listers. The question put forth by @anaggh, a social media influencer in India, was ‘Who according to you is an A lister on twitter?” and I answered A Lister = people with visibility in topic sharing messages which create above average engagement.  Continue reading