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Autoplay – The rise of Videos

hdfcbank-videoOne of the recent trends has been the rise of video on social networks, particularly Facebook, with the introduction of autoplay in most parts of the world. Between 2014 end and 2015, video views worldwide per day on Facebook rose from 1bn to 4bn, with an average of 1.1 hours of video being watched on digital media per day, per consumer. Continue reading

Integrated. Live. Social. The New Paradigm.

Open any TV channel or even print media today and there in the corner or splashed right across is a #Hashtag. A humble way of bucketing content and conversations in a stream, especially when there’s a 140- character or less (80 characters with a micro-link, is preferred). Continue reading

Whose content is it anyway?


A couple of months back, I participated in a twitter poll on A-listers. The question put forth by @anaggh, a social media influencer in India, was ‘Who according to you is an A lister on twitter?” and I answered A Lister = people with visibility in topic sharing messages which create above average engagement.  Continue reading

On social media, women are digital divas

There goes a famous joke that a lady updates her status on Facebook with – ‘my dog not eating well’ – and gets about a 100 people to hit the ‘like’ button and some 60 to comment. And then there is this gentleman who’s thrilled to have won a Nobel Prize, and posts about it. 8 people hit the ‘like’ button for him! Continue reading