Network Your Way Through Blogs
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The world is becoming smaller with each new day. Six degrees of separation is not just a theory any more, it is the reality we are living in. People are reaching out to one another through newer social networking platforms and apps being developed regularly. Thoughts and ideas are being shared while communities of like-minded […]

To Afghanistan with Love!
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In July 2011, US Marine Sgt. Scotty Moore used a very unorthodox way of getting a date for the Marine Corps ball. Sgt. Moore, posted in Afghanistan at the time, was dressed in his combat gear when he sent out an invitation via YouTube to Hollywood star, Mila Kunis. In the 19 second video, which […]

Is Virtual Reality – The Future of Social Networks?
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Did you watch the 360-degree video promo of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, on Facebook? There are almost 7 million fans who got their first view of the latest edition of the cult series through the video.