Employee Engagement: Making Ambassadors who App

The one audience who social media doesn’t seem to touch in India are your employees. And while every marketer and HR and corp. comm. head, spends time and effort collaborating on how to get “Happy Employees, make Happy Customers”, the results have really not been that significant.


One of things that we do at digiqom is build apps. Lots of them! Some of them have won Global Gallery recognition on Facebook, others have created strong digital acquisition on mobile- friendly micro-sites.

Our QomApps team is currently piloting an app which gets employees on the same page as everyone else on external social channels. Not just that, we have built discovery and engagement ideas that make it exciting and interesting for them to connect with the corporate cause or campaign, so that they can evolve from team members to Brand Champions and Ambassadors.

If you would like a demo for your organization, send in a mail to info@digiqom.com.

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