Enabling organised CSR: The IICA-Digiqom way

ICPCan Corporate India deliver profits and create prosperity? The Companies’ Act 2013 (Section 135) is one such legislation that has placed Corporate Social Responsibility onto the agenda of corporate boardrooms in India to create sustainable development across the country.

With boards signing off on CSR policies, and rupee-denominated projects and programs set rolling, Corporates in India are bringing their enhanced managerial skills, reach and scale of operations to their identified causes.

This underscores the need for creating a talent pool of CSR professionals with extensive professional training on CSR from experts in the domain. And this is why the National Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility (NFCSR), the CSR knowledge and training hub, at Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), was set up by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The apex body for all matters CSR in India— launched the IICA Certificate Program in CSR (ICP in CSR) for developing trained and certified CSR professionals.

Digiqom, as their digital partner, is helping IICA to build awareness around its training programs in CSR, by talking about the benefits of the program in professional development. We are amplifying the reach of the messaging around the contents and advantages of the, with a focus on generating engaging conversations from our audiences online. Our support via social media channels has not only helped the course generate inquiries online, but also build engagement with many potential students and stakeholders in the non-profit space.

By helping in connecting with career seekers in the CSR space and motivating more and more people to take up the course and do their bit towards the society, we are happy with the little contribution we have been able to make in the process.

If you’re interested, or would like to encourage someone you know, please visit this link.

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