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Social media has made a difference, yet again.

From the first on-scene tweet that reported the recent Asiana airplane crash to the world, to helping thousands search for their loved ones in the Uttarakhand disaster closer to home. As Columbia University’s Sree Sreenivasan says in an interview, skepticism of social media by traditional journalists is healthy “but it can’t get in the way of trying to understand one of the most important new ways in which communication happens in the world.” He couldn’t have summed it up better.

Air Asiana - SFO crash

At Digiqom, we have been enabling this remarkable progress in helping the world communicate better.

Our understanding is that Person to Person sharing that underlies social media, is disrupting traditional top-down approaches and bringing in new understanding through crowd sourcing activities and big data analytics. Some of these design principles come into play while studyng the firehose of data that is social media, defining the filters to distill signal from noise, and then bring in those insights when we design campaigns for our clients.

We love it when these projects demonstrate a paradigm shift to our clients; from Adspace Burn to Earn, from impressions to expressions, from likes, tweets, comments, shares, to footfalls, sign-ups, and revenues.

Yes!  We are delighted to see eyes’ light up at the A-HA moment.  We’re delighted to be pushing the envelope, that we call Community-powered Commerce.

At Digiqom, we believe that a strong and managed corporate presence on social media, requires preparation, internal skill building, and effective measurement. We work with our clients, in conducting social media listening to find out the sources of positive and negative reputation threats, as well as frequent fire drills with our clients, coach customer care teams, and equip internal teams on rapid damage control. And of course, share our user behavior insights to design effective and globally recognized campaigns for awareness, acquisition and engagement!


On social media, women are digital divas!

It’s not just about Fashion, Recipes or Parenting anymore. Recent reports suggest that women have arrived on Social Media, and she will soon lead the space.

There goes a famous joke that a lady updates her status on Facebook with – ‘my dog not eating well’ – and gets about a 100 people to hit the ‘like’ button and some 60 to comment. And then there is this gentleman who’s thrilled to have won a Nobel Prize, and posts about it. 8 people hit the ‘like’ button for him!

Hilarious? Yes. Ridiculous? No! There’s learning hidden here about social media and the power of online word of mouth.

If gossip is powerful, Social Media is word of mouth on steroids! Indeed, women are more sociable than men. The ‘talkative’ gender is more mature in interactions and more committed to social relationships. And this clearly shows up in the social media charts today. Unlike men who treat interactions in sound bites (you find more of them on Twitter 😉 , women create relationships with the social media platform they’re on. The latest example is Pinterest, one of the hippest social sharing sites today, driven majorly by women collecting and sharing scraps and bits of images, and could soon be the leader in female social networking.

What is it that connects women on social media? Anyone would jump in to answer – dating, marriage, motherhood, recipes, shopping, pets, and children. But is that all? Women, increasingly in the 24-38 age group, are talking about saving money, entrepreneurship, business ideas, work-from-home options, work-life balance and a lot more out there. She is surfacing on the web with more support from peer-groups, more ideas, opportunities, and most importantly, she’s brimming with confidence.

So when the ComScore report establishes that women spend more time social networking than their male counterparts, we clearly know they are leading on Facebook, Twitter, Zynga, and Groupon usage. Pinterest is the new entrant in this list.

A Park Associates research shows that women are 73% more likely than men to have watched a full-length TV show online and 40% more likely to have played games on Facebook. It also suggests that eight out of the 10 Twitter users who have 10 million or more followers, are women. So, its men who are literally following women on twitter. Lady Gaga rules!

If any of this is a surprise, you have probably not been watching the space closely enough. Back in the blog-bang year of 2008, a Bloomberg Business week article had already predicted that “While both sexes will continue to use social networking sites in huge numbers, women will be the ones holding the fort.”

Of course there is a more real-world (read as chauvinist!) version to it. Women are more communicative and prefer to use more words to express. A bestselling book claims that on an average day, woman speaks 20,000 words and man speaks about 7,000. So more communication translates to more subject-specific interactions which clearly creates larger social space and standing.

Women have evolved on the web space. No wonder, even brands and marketers are creating their Web strategies keeping this crucial target group in mind. The image of a lonesome geeky male is passé; it is the Supermom, Superwoman who is the digital icon today. Watch this space for digital divas!!


Digiqom Decoded – The Social Qom

Do you remember a time when people believed that computers and technology, in general, were destroying relationships and creating a rift between people? Probably not.


In recent years, we have all witnessed the power of social media. Indeed, social interactions powered by social media have been successful in getting the world closer together. And in doing so, social media has moved from the margins to the mainstream.

A recent study by the University of Milan and Facebook found that the average number of links between two random people is not six but rather 4.74. That number drops to 4.37 in the United States. Most of you will remember psychologist Stanley Milgram’s research on the subject in 1967 which led to the popular “Six Degrees of Separation” theory, which claimed that you can connect any two people in the world in six steps or fewer.


“The experiment took one month,” write John Markoff and Somini Sengupta in the New York Times. “The researchers used a set of algorithms developed at the University of Milan to calculate the average distance between any two people by computing a vast number of sample paths among Facebook users.”


Social networks provide individuals with tremendous reach. People can share ideas, influence public opinion, even topple governments! Look at what happened in Egypt.


Businesses are still grappling with this new medium. Many companies still say social media is an experiment as they try to understand how best to use the different channels, gauge their effectiveness, and integrate social media into their strategy. Fifty-eight percent of companies are currently engaged in social networks such as Facebook, micro-blogs like Twitter, and sharing multimedia on platforms such as YouTube – but research from the Harvard Business Review Analytics Services report “The New Conversation: Taking Social Media from Talk to Action” finds that much of the investment in social is future-oriented.


We, at Digiqom, also believe that.


The Digiqom (from Digital Qom; qom means ‘community’ in Persian) has been working with companies, helping them harness the extensive reach of social media by building like-minded communities on food, fashion, travel, sports among others. Going forward, Digiqom, through its ventures will be powering the three agendas – The World going Mobile, Local, and Social – through mobile communities, through social communities, and engaging global marcom networks.


Jay Vikram Bakshi


Celebrate Dining Contest makes it to Facebook Studio!

Marketing campaigns should be grounded in social insights & conversations. Facebook Studio acknowledges the agencies & brands that are pioneering this shift.


A Facebook contest that invites you to create a list of your favorite restaurants, share your list with friends for votes, and win exciting prizes is you get the maximum votes. Sound exciting?


Sure it was and we are extremely happy that that our campaign is inducted to Facebook Studio, a prestigious gallery which showcases some of the most innovative and creative marketing initiatives on Facebook.


We created and managed the Celebrate Dining Facebook campaign for American Express India from February 16 – March 15, 2012. We launched the campaign to create social media buzz for the brand and increase community engagement for American Express India. The underlying objective was to create awareness for the brand’s Selects Restaurants and promote them by creating surround sound around it through content and engagement.


It indeed was a challenging project for us, and we were thrilled when the contest saw some very exciting numbers and gave a huge boost to the existing Facebook fan base of our client. It further generated interest in American Express’s offerings, and also created an aspirational value around the brand. As a Significant as it is, it is heartening to see American Express, absolutely convinced and eager on using social media innovatively to better engage its existing customer base, and continuously expand it with new acquisitions.


For us to align with the goals of the client and being able to influence their decisions with powerful results is indeed a big achievement. A bouquet for us from Facebook Studio has furthered strengthened our foothold, and as we move ahead in our efforts to “Enable Digital’, we are more confident in our approach and story and fairly comfortable on our path.


We are already brimming with ideas!


Shweta Baxi Tyagi