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Introducing Qommnique…

Social media has made a difference, yet again.

From the first on-scene tweet that reported the recent Asiana airplane crash to the world, to helping thousands search for their loved ones in the Uttarakhand disaster closer to home. As Columbia University’s Sree Sreenivasan says in an interview, skepticism of social media by traditional journalists is healthy “but it can’t get in the way of trying to understand one of the most important new ways in which communication happens in the world.” He couldn’t have summed it up better.

Air Asiana - SFO crash

At Digiqom, we have been enabling this remarkable progress in helping the world communicate better.

Our understanding is that Person to Person sharing that underlies social media, is disrupting traditional top-down approaches and bringing in new understanding through crowd sourcing activities and big data analytics. Some of these design principles come into play while studyng the firehose of data that is social media, defining the filters to distill signal from noise, and then bring in those insights when we design campaigns for our clients.

We love it when these projects demonstrate a paradigm shift to our clients; from Adspace Burn to Earn, from impressions to expressions, from likes, tweets, comments, shares, to footfalls, sign-ups, and revenues.

Yes!  We are delighted to see eyes’ light up at the A-HA moment.  We’re delighted to be pushing the envelope, that we call Community-powered Commerce.

At Digiqom, we believe that a strong and managed corporate presence on social media, requires preparation, internal skill building, and effective measurement. We work with our clients, in conducting social media listening to find out the sources of positive and negative reputation threats, as well as frequent fire drills with our clients, coach customer care teams, and equip internal teams on rapid damage control. And of course, share our user behavior insights to design effective and globally recognized campaigns for awareness, acquisition and engagement!