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The Full Import of Facebook’s new emoji reactions

emoji-reactionsIf you have always wanted Facebook to let you ‘dislike’ a post, the Social Media giant aggregator has gone a few steps ahead, with the launch of a new set of emoji-oriented reactions.
The new emoji-reactions are ‘love’, ‘haha’, ‘wow’, ‘sad’ and ‘angry’, which were finalized after trials in countries including Ireland, Spain, and Chile. ‘Yay’ as a emoji-reaction was also in contention, but was rejected after the trial discovered that it was not understood equally well in all cultures. Continue reading

Five Ways to Beat Digital Overload!

imageFive years ago, I was complaining about having too much to read. Magazines, newsletters, journals, books for my research and my own pick of fiction for relaxation. My flat was overflowing with books and bookstores had become restricted zones. Then, there was television and my fix of crime serials that I had to watch every day. Continue reading

Everything you wanted to know about Hashtags… but didn’t know who to ask

hashtags on Social MediaIf you’re on Social Media today, you would be familiar with the term ‘Hashtags’ or ‘#’. What is with these hashtags that make them so popular? Where and how can we use hashtags? Here are the answers to some of your questions. Continue reading

Enabling #Budget2015 with CRISIL for Facebook and Times Now


At Digiqom, we do things differently. Our understanding is that our followers need something anew frequently to keep pace with this ever changing digital world. So, for the first time, we worked in tandem with Facebook India, in partnership with CRISIL Limited and Times Now, to cover and amplify the 2015 union budget’s social media reach. Continue reading