Up-ending the sales funnel: Contests and Conversations

We love creating Campaigns! We conceived, designed and implemented the largest flying rewards contest in India till date on the Jet Airways Facebook Page.

The ‘Win a JPMile A Second’ campaign, enabled Jet Airways to gratify its fans on Facebook, by incentivizing the sharing behavior that is inherent to social networking.Win a JPMile a second

A Fan could apply for the Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card, and then increase his/her frequent flyer miles that he/she received on successful application, by sharing with Friends. When the friends joined in, the score would increase resulting in 86,400 (seconds in a day) JPMiles going to the flyer with the highest number of shares in a day.

When you put that in perspective, Facebook Page Fans went and marketed the card by sharing the updates across their friend circuit, not only adding to the free impressions (eyeballs that advertising didn’t buy) but also leveraging on a fan’s personal insights to maximise success by choosing the friends to co-opt on to the contest.

Fans not only broadcast the offer, but also chose from their friends, and added their own expressions to the posts which they added to their newsfeed and timelines. In a way, two steps of the marketing process was crowd-sourced by the airline.


The contest was also promoted on the American Express India page via contest updates. It generated awareness about the exclusive privileges that are the hallmark of the American Express experience amongst the Jet Frequent Flyers and other Fans on Jet Airways Facebook page.

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