What do We (Women/Men) want?

predective-analysisHere’s an attempt to answer that perennial question that haunts mankind (what do Women want?), and to remove gender bias, increasingly for women, shopping during the festive season (what to gift Men?).

Over the last 10 years, ever since Social Media networks brought in un-structured data streams, and open API’s, the old ways to research and predict behaviours have gone through tectonic upheavals. This has shown up with devastating consequences for polling organisations, which have got almost all the results of all the last 4-5 elections across the world completely wrong!

Could social media analytics have given them the answer way ahead of the call? Predictive analysis uses data regarding past behaviours to predict how individuals will behave in the future. And while there are established tools and methods like exit polls, secret shopper surveys, dipstick surveys, all these fail in front of the Big Data streams that social media generates. All sample sizes are too small, and all trends including Twitter’s and Facebook’s features can be gamed.

Now think of the enormity of the challenge when 90% of all human data was created in the last 12 months, according to this article on Huffington Post.

key-trendsIt’s not only about trend spotting, but more importantly, how to knit the processes of “active/ passive listening” to determine sentiment, impact, reach, in a manner that delivers with fairly accurate outcomes, behaviours, reactions, and outcomes from brand engagements, and institutional programs.

At Digiqom, our campaign constructs for digital marketing activations, start with the insights mined from Big Data flows, while our reputation management practice, identifies the key topics, people and context which can lead to a social media firestorm. In fact, our fire drills simulate ‘what to do when things go wrong’ basis predictive analytics on various platforms. We have zillions of case studies on how we get this right. Write to us on this email ID: ……… if you want to know more.

And finally here’s an answer to the first question. Just friend/ follow the man/ woman on the social media platform of his/her choice. If the profile description doesn’t give you an answer to what s/he wants, the last 2-3 month’s posts, surely will. 

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