Digital Marketing Trends
Digital Marketing Trends
Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2016
Till a few years back, digital marketing was considered an idea in its adolescent phase that would never quite make the transition to adulthood. Conventional marketers, investors and consultants were skeptical about it, branding it as a Silicon Valley fad that would soon fade away.  In India, things were not very different either. With audiences hooked on to the medium of television and print, digital marketing took time to make a place for itself. However, with the revolutionary changes in telecommunication and the advent of the mobile Internet, digital was able to claim centre stage.

Digital marketing is here to stay. According to estimates, the number of smartphone users will touch the 520-million mark by 2020, giving people access to the web. The digital industry will touch the Rs 200-billion mark by then and digital advertisement will also grow at a rate of 23 to 28 per cent.

Here’s a look at the trends that will rule in 2016:

  • Increase in Content Consumption: Due to the rise in the number of mobile phone users, use of smaller screens on personal devices will drive individual consumption of content. This will also lead to an increase in the amount and type of content consumed.
  • Longer Digital films and advertisements: With brands looking at online ads as a way to build image, 2016 will usher in the era of longer digital ads and films. With brands looking at online ads as a way to build image, 2016 will usher in the era of longer digital ads and films. See our take on Auto Play Video.
  • Taking influencer marketing seriously: Brands are working with influencers and advocates to position themselves in the online space. Take the case of the Mahindra Gusto launch, where influencers created buzz around the campaign and invited food lovers to explore famous food joints riding their Gusto!
  • Enter rural consumers: The next wave of India’s Internet penetration growth is assumed to come from tier-II and tier-III cities which will lead to a surge in vernacular and regional content. Here’s a look into how HDFC Bank conducted its DhanChayat campaign to customers in 5,000 villages.
  • Social conversion and ORM: With the world becoming more transparent and interactive, brands can’t ignore the voice of the consumer any more. Online Reputation Management is gaining importance which helps brands focus on resolving consumer complaints, curating positive feedback and building their image on the basis of the latter.
  • Mobile Apps are here: Mobile apps are here to stay, from buying your vegetables to booking airline tickets. Everything is available with a swipe of your smartphone!
  • Location Based advertising: Location based advertising will become popular, helping local businesses that may not be able to afford expensive online ad campaigns.

To sum it all up, while digital is disruptive, one cannot ignore the significant opportunities that this medium presents.